Regenerative Architecture is the evolution of Green Architecture.

Regenerative design projects do more than reduce waste and pollution; they ‘re’generate energy by restoring assets to the environment.  Regenerative design projects partner with their ecosystems creating sheltered habitats using sophisticated design.  Regenerative design is essential to environmental restoration.

Regenerative design strategies include: permaculture and bio-mimicry; active and passive renewable energy systems; resource efficient systems and materials; closed loop energy-waste systems; and the examination of long term life cycle costs.  Regenerative strategies optimize architecture within the limitations of nature.

Daring environmentalism meets creative muscle.


Design obsessed, relentlessly precise, and fearlessly inventive; REGENARCH principal’s Danika Voorhees and Richard Hofmeister are visionary partners. They have 25 years of combined experience working on global projects with budgets ranging from $150k to $125M. 

Project specialties: brownfield ‘re’development, sensitive hillside and coastal development, off-the-grid projects, urban and master site planning, civic, institutional, industrial, healthcare, performing arts, adaptive reuse and historic preservation, commercial office, retail, resort, entertainment, multi-family housing, and single-family residential.  Completed projects reside in Arizona, Colorado, California, Hawaii, Japan, Texas, and Wisconsin.

REGENARCH operates from its Los Angeles studio in Playa Vista, California.